Be Your Own Banker

Ask yourself: would you rather have a car with a few options or one with all the bells and whistles. More than likely, you want the one with more options!

So then why do we put our money in the “vehicle” that offers the fewest. What we’re talking about is putting your money in a bank or lender system where it either becomes stagnant, or requires you to pay back lenders with copious amounts of interest. Think of how much better your life would be if you had your own banking system that you could borrow from and there were no structured payments, charges or time limits to pay it back.

While every asset has advantages and fulfills a function of reaching a particular financial goal, there is actually one asset that can play SEVERAL roles. How does an asset that has a competitive rate of return and tax-free access to your funds, along with long term care benefits, critical illness coverage, and tax free life insurance sound?

Listen close.

This asset is called DIVIDEND PAYING WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE. Before you go off and say, “well I don’t need life insurance because…” This is an asset that can benefit you, me, and anyone that is concerned about saving money, living too long, or just wants a safe and secure retirement lifestyle.

Imagine borrowing from your own policy instead of your bank. You can pay it back whenever you want, however much at a time. Or not at all—it’s your choice (even though best practice is to replenish what you took in order to keep maximizing your wealth).

While there are other options and financial assets that are good for one or two things, Dividend Paying Whole Life insurance is one with multiple benefits and extreme flexibility.

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