4 Things Financial Advisors “Neglect” To Tell You

Most financial planners and advisors show selective information about their products and services, never disclosing all the positives and negatives associated with the products they are offering. This keeps you, the client from making a sound and fully informed decision, thereby creating a situation with opportunities to fail that you, the client, are not aware of. Here are a few things they “neglect” to mention.

1. It’s just a calculator, it only adds and subtracts.

It does not reflect debt, cash flow, college education, inflation, market volatility, or any of the other eroding factors that can affect your money. These and other daily economic issues need to be included in your financial decisions, not just the basic functions of a calculator.

2. Your losses hurt you twice as much as your gains help you.

Simply put, a 50% loss requires a 100% gain just to break even. If you had $1000 and lost $500 (or 50%) of it, you’d have to gain $500 (or 100%) just to get back to where you started.

3. Diversification is NOT a wealth building strategy.

It’s a weak attempt to salvage the loss of your hard earned dollars. If you placed your money in financial products that guaranteed your principal and interest, there would be no need for diversification in the first place. Therefore, it would eliminate the stressful calculations and manipulations of loss prevention.

4. Liquidity, Use, and Control should be the three pillars of any successful retirement plan.

The government and financial institutions of this country promote retirement planning that tends to provide more benefits for them than it does for you. Why should you place your money into plans that include no liquidity, extreme risk, crazy penalties, and high taxation?

At Maximum Wealth, we do the exact opposite. We aim to inform and educate all our clients with information that will benefit them and their money the most. This not only grows their wealth, but it also grows their trust in how we manage their financial lives.

If you’re tired of the over complicated explanations and the extremely high fees, commissions, and unnecessary risk of your money, CONTACT US TODAY and see how to eliminate these problems that are destroying the viability of your monetary growth!