Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 7.59.38 PMAt Maximum Wealth we know that your financial situation is unique. Because no two clients are the same, we use an individualized or customized process with each client to uncover dollar waste and inefficiency levels in your personal economy that prevent you from achieving your maximum financial potential throughout your working and retirement years.

Your money achieves its maximum potential when every dollar works together to further your immediate and future objectives. Determining the effectiveness and the efficiency of your money costs you nothing at Maximum Wealth.

If you choose to “do nothing” it can potentially cost you millions of dollars over your lifetime. With over 26 years in the financial services industry, Doug Jones knows that the secret to the accumulation of wealth is more about a financial education and managing your expenses and less about buying a stock or financial product.

His goal in his weekly workshops and private consultations is to provide a comprehensive understanding about the truth of money and to dispell the myths and misconceptions of money presented by most financial planners and financial institutions. He has found that most traditional and conventional planning is misguided and once the truth is discovered, individuals will have the ability to make wiser and more educated decisions concerning their money, thus enabling individuals to stop relying on peoples opinions and start making decisions based on facts. In order for people to achieve maximum wealth, it is vital for them to understand how their hard earned money is leaving them unknowingly and unneccesarily.

Remember, the “truth” should never be afraid to be examined!

Doug is the President and CEO of Ralex, Inc. and Maximum Wealth Tax Solutions, LLC. He resides in Sugar Valley, Georgia with his wife of 28 years, Gay, and they have two children Reagan 16 and Alex 24.