Debt Management

As much as we’d prefer to lay blame elsewhere, more often than not our economic situations are largely a matter of choice—not chance. It’s not because you’re unintelligent, but because you’re unaware. Driven by fear, cautious of change, and paralyzed by perceptions, we often make financial decisions without future consequences in mind.

As with most of history, the majority of people are troubled and confused about the economy. They have been bombarded by the media, bullied by salespeople, and bewildered by the millions of things they feel they need to know. The economy and what’s best for it seems to change directions overnight. At Maximum Wealth, we want to educate and inform you to feel more confident and prepared to make secure financial decision about your future.

There are only 3 types of money in the world: Lifestyle, Accumulated, and Transferred.  

Lifestyle money is the money you spend to maintain your standard of living. 

Accumulated money is the money you try to save and invest. 

Transferred money is the money that you give away unknowingly and unnecessarily.  Like many small holes in a ship— Transferred money isn’t enough to sink you, but it’s enough to make your travels inefficient. It’s where we lose most of our wealth and where we need to educate ourselves the most in our pursuit of debt management. Transferred money can be anything from finance and credit card fees to large taxes. With our plan, we’ll sit down one on one with you and put your finances under the microscope to see where the holes are. 

This is just a short list of things you don’t realize you’re losing money on:


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