Work with Doug


You work hard for your money. So why shouldn’t your money work hard for you?

If you’re here that means you’re ready to get your financial life in order, or are looking to get it in better order.

You probably don’t want to hear anymore business jargon from “financial gurus” telling you what to do with YOUR money, silently criticizing or judging you on what your financial situation looks like. You want someone to explain and demystify the complex financial world in a way that makes sense, as if you were talking with a friend over lunch. You’re open, ready, and willing to invest the time, money, and energy into getting your personal finances and your life on track. We can’t wait to guide you on this journey of peace and prosperity. It’s time to embark


Doug has been in the financial services business a long time, 30 years to be exact. He knows all the ins and outs, and the vital secrets that the corporate financial advisers don’t tell you. He has a Chartered Life Underwriters degree from the American College of Financial Services, and also has several other business endeavors including: commercial/residential real estate, tax planning, and manufacturing. Each of these areas of business provide vast amounts of knowledge and experience that Doug uses everyday to assist people in their personal and business planning.

His goal and passion has and always will be helping people better understand their money and all of the life-changing options they have that is never disclosed by the traditional financial planning and banking industry..

Through weekly workshops and private consultations, he provides a comprehensive understanding about the truth of money and to dispel the myths and misconceptions of money presented by most financial planners and financial institutions. In order for people to achieve maximum wealth, it is vital for them to understand how their hard earned money is leaving them unknowingly and unnecessarily.

When he’s not saving & protecting his clients’ money, he enjoys spending time with his loving family, traveling, golf, working out or going for a run.